The Launch: Building a Body of Knowledge

Use the links next to each title to answer the questions on your assignment sheet.

The Language of Coal Mining Coal

Coalwood, West Virginia Coalwood

Sputnik I Sputnik

√The Sound of Sputnik: Listen to Sputnik
√News Reports, October 4, 1957: CBS News
Research: Temperature of Outer Space; What Is ITY?; Define Propaganda; Why
does the commentator mention the Cold War?

Wernher von Braun von Braun

Rock and Roll of the 1950s and 1960s

Question #1 Rock and Roll Buddy

√Buddy Sings!: That'll Be
√Buddy Holly in the News: Crash
√Eyewitness Account: First Person Memory

Question #2 Rock and Roll Pretend

√The Platters' Recording (Sing Along!): Pretender

Question #3 Rock and Roll Dom

√Fats Domino's Recording and Top 10 Hit: Shame
√Pat Boones's Cover and Number 1 Hit: Shame
√Fats Domino Hit Used in Modern Times: Walkin' to New Orleans

Look at the title of the last song. How do you think it was used in recent history? Then watch the video to see if your prediction was correct.