Immigration And Growth of CitiesUse these links to view the SOL content of this topic.U. S. II 3b U.S.II 3b-2 U.S. II 3b-3

Immigration vocabulary list: Click on each link. Use the information in the reading to write your definition for each term. Remember that one key sentence from the link (especially in the Wikipedia links) usually makes the BEST definition.

•Immigration wikipedia link: Wiki definition


•steerage wikipedia link: Steerage

•rural Write your own definiton.

•urban Write your own.

•settlement house wikipedia: First paragraph!

•Hull House wikipedia: Read!

•Jane Addams wikipedia: One sentence!

•political machine wikipedia:First sentence

•tenement wikipedia: Go to History of U.S. tenements

•Ghetto (ethnic neighborhood) wikipedia: Write the first two sentences at the top of the link, then scroll to etymology and read it. Read: etymology

•Statue of Liberty wikipedia: Read & summarize

•Ellis Island wikipedia: First sentence

Powerpoint Immigration Information: Read the powerpoints in order to learn about immigration.

1. Immigration #1 An Introduction to Immigration:
2. Immigration #2 Immigration in Maps
3. Immigration #3 Push and Pull Factors & Short Recap

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Class Activity:

Theme: The journey to America had many effects on the immigrants. America changed greatly as a result of the post Civil War immigration.

Look at the pictures shown below. What are your impressions of the journey to America after the Civil War? What was it like to travel to America in the years following the Civil War? List the number and title of each picture in your notebook, leaving space to write below each one. This will take up one whole page in your notebook.
Complete the following activities next to the number in your notebook for EVERY picture.
Write five details that you observe in each picture next to the number for that picture. Then, below your list of details, write a sentence for each picture giving your impressions using at least two different details from the picture in your sentence.

Picture 1:  German Immigrants Boarding Ship in Hamburg
Picture 1: German Immigrants Boarding Ship in Hamburg

Link to the background of the above illustration: German Immigrant Ship
Picture 2:Ellis Island Immigration Station
Picture 2:Ellis Island Immigration Station

Picture 3:  An Immigrant Family At Ellis Island
Picture 3: An Immigrant Family At Ellis Island

Picture 4:  Immigrants Being Inspected at Ellis Island
Picture 4: Immigrants Being Inspected at Ellis Island

Picture 5:  Hester St. In New York's Lower East Side, 1902 (tenements above shops)
Picture 5: Hester St. In New York's Lower East Side, 1902 (tenements above shops)

Reading and analyzing text using primary and secondary sources:
Ellis Island Activity-- Copy these questions into your notebook. Then click on the link and answer them in complete sentences by viewing all three pages in the link.

1. Who was the first immigrant to land on Ellis Island?

2. In what year did this take place and what was the person's native country?

3. Where is the Statue of Liberty in relation to Ellis Island?

4. What happened in the Registry Room?

5. What other cities had ports of entry for immigrants?

6. How many immigrants have entered America through Ellis Island?

Ellis Island Link

Chapter Reading: Copy the questions and answer them as you read the link. Link for Reading

Questions For Reading Notes:

1. WHO came to America (what groups of people)?

2. WHAT countries did they come from?

3. In WHICH years did they come?

4. HOW MANY immigrants came to the U. S.?

More Reading Selections:

This will be the next page in your reading notes. Read and take notes on the following primary sources.

A Danish Immigrant: Write the name of the person and the date in your notebook. Read the "Annotation" paragraph and paragraphs #3 and #4. Write three important phrases from each paragraph in your notes. Danish Immigrant

Chinese Immigrants: Two excerpts from Chinese immigrants follow. Write the name of the first person quoted, then take notes by writing three important phrases from the reading. There is no name or date for the second quote. Chinese Immigrant #1 Chinese Immigrant #2

The Chinese Exclusion Act: Read and take notes on the paragraphs in the "Annotation" section. Copy the first paragraph in the section titled "II. Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882." Exclusion Act

Immigrant Experience Internet Lesson: Click on the link and answer the questions on the handout. You will be working by yourself on this activity. Immigrant Experience

Interpreting Political Cartoons

Look at the cartoons shown below. Write cartoon 1 and cartoon 2 in your notebook and leave space for your answers under each place.

1. What American opinion about immigrants is shown in each cartoon?

2. List three details about each cartoon in your notebook next to the correct cartoon number.

3. Then use all three details to write one sentence for each cartoon, telling what opinion about immigration is shown in each cartoon. (That's two (2) sentences.)


Growth of Cities

What was life like in the quickly growing American cities during the years following the Civil War? Choose two pictures of city life from the photographs in the link found below. ONLY enter these topics into the "Search" window found at the top of the page: Buildings, Bridges, Children, Newsboys, Ghetto, Houses, Hotels. Be careful NOT to choose a photograph that is dated after the year 1915. Write the title of each picture in your notebook and make a "quick sketch" of the photograph. Then describe what you see in the picture, using three sentences with an INTERESTING detail about the picture in EACH picture.
Life in the City

1. West & Immigration
2. Immigration & Cities
3. Immigration & Big Business
4. Review Game Zone
5. Ellis Island
6. Immigration Review
7. Immigration Vocabulary Quiz
8. Regions, Cities, West, Immigration Review Quiz