Educators and psychologists have found that Creative Thinking has several characteristics. These characteristics are:

Theorists can also include one or more of the following characteristics in the list.
Risk Taking

Apply these different ways of thinking to the topic of war by answering the following questions as directed in class.

Fluency: List many facts about and characteristics of war.

Flexibility: Choose one item from the list you just made. Change it to make it the "most important" characteristic.

Elaboration: Add something to war. If war needed a new characteristic, what would it be?

Originality: Invent the most unusual cause that you can think of for a war.

Risk Taking: Tell how you would stop yourself from having a fight or argument with someone. What steps would you take? Apply your answer to war. Tell how using these same steps could be applied to nations and help to prevent wars.

Complexity: Explain why some people would argue that war is necessary.

Curiousity: If you could ask "War" a question, what would it be? What do you think "War's" answer would be?

Imagine: What would the world be like today if there had never been any wars? Imagine and describe that world. Draw a picture of that world and label it.