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Equal Rights



Civil and Equal Rights Vocabulary

Look up the words using the links. Write the definitions in your notebook.

Plessy v. Ferguson Plessy

•"separate but equal" Separate

Brown v. Topeka Brown

desegregation Deseg

•Rosa Parks Rosa Parks

•Martin Luther King, Jr. (SCLC) King


•Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955-56) Boycott

•non-violent resistance (Define and name the persons who were its advocates.) non-violent

•Little Rock 9 (1957) The Nine

•Freedom Riders (CORE) 1961 Freedom


•N.A.A.C.P. National

•March on Washington (1963) March

Civil Rights Act of 1964 Civil

•Voting Rights Act of 1965 Voting


•Betty Friedan Betty

•Title IX Nine

•E.R.A. Amendment

Read about Gender Discrimination and the Civil Rights Act. Gender Disc

The March On Washington and A. Philip Randolph March program
Bio of A. Philip Randolph Randolph

The Civil Rights Movement in the Library of Congress Civil

Voices of the Civil Rights Movement/Primary Sources Voices

After Brown V. Board of Education After

Thurgood Marshall and Brown Marshall

Brown at 50 Brown v. Board

Review Games: Civil and Equal Rights

Civil Rights Plank Walk the Plank

Civil Rights Soccer Soccer

Civil Rights Fling Fling

Civil Rights C. R.

Civil Rights Matching Match

Civil Rights Game