Review for the second nine weeks benchmark test by completing these activities and games. Good luck!

First, review the state regions.

Match states to regions

Cities Challenge

There will be lots of questions on Reconstruction.

Basic provisions of the Amendments
  1. The 13th Amendment bans _ in the U. S. and all of its territories.
  2. The 14th Amendment grants to all persons born in the U. S. and guarantees them equal protection under the_.
  3. The 15th Amendment ensures all citizens regardless of _, , or previous condition of servitude.

These three guarantee equal protection under the law for .__
Reconstruction policies and problems

  • military could not _ .
  • _ could hold public office.
  • gained equal rights as a result of the Civil Rights Act of , which also authorized the use of federal troops for its _.
  • soldiers supervised the .
  • The _ was established to aid former enslaved in the South.

End of Reconstruction

  • Reconstruction ended with the_ __ .
  • Federal were removed from the _.
  • Rights that African Americans gained were _through new "Jim___" laws.

Reconstruction Match

Reconstruction Concentration

Reform Review

Reform #1
Reform Column Match
Jim Crow Laws

SAW Review

SAW "Stuff"
SAW causes
SAW Results

WWI Review

Review the powers FIRST. You get them so confused!
WWI Powers
WWI Column Match
WWI Fling

1920s Review

Tech Advances of 20s
More '20s Changes
The '20s Again
Great Migration -- Prohibition
Harlem Renaissance
1920s Definitions Match
Harlem Renaissance & Cultural Climate Matching (New Game!)